What Is There For My Family?


Our church offers a Methodist centered, unified education and faith formation program of study and fellowship for every age. Specific information regarding childcare to adult small groups and from Sunday school to youth group can be found within their corresponding tabs under “ministries.”

What one might not read between the lines is the powerful benefit of building up a fellowship network to encourage and inspire you and yours to live a faithful life, to grown in commitment to serving others, and to learning more about spreading kindness.

Each family is so unique. We encourage you to speak or email our Director of Faith Formation (Ellie Peiffer), like the concierge to booking your initial engagements with family events, classes, groups, or just to find a fellowship friend to connect with at coffee hour as folks find themselves independently making a trail!

There is no test! There is no baseline of scripture, story, worship services attended, or past involvement in any church or place of worship needed to jump in and start making connections at Westlake United Methodist Church. Come as you are, where you are in your journey, and whatever pulls you in to experience the love and sense of community within our Methodist Church.