Adult & Senior Sunday Morning Opportunities


8:45 A.M.

Faith Matters Adult Class takes place via Zoom at 8:45 a.m. Please contact the office at to sign up.


Spiritual Gifts are the special, God-given skills and abilities inspired by the Holy Spirit in all Christians. These abilities become Spiritual Gifts when activated thru service to God’s people or in use to glorify God. Westlake UMC actively supports the discovery of Spiritual Gifts within the congregation so that the church can better meet your spiritual needs and support you on your faith journey.

The WUMC Spiritual Gifts Discovery Process Purpose Statement:

To develop each member’s knowledge of their spiritual gifts; thereby deepening their understanding of self and their relationship with God, and maturing in the use of their gifts to serve God and the community.

The Spiritual Gift Discovery Process is divided into 4 sections. The first 3 are Spiritual Gifts, Work Style Preferences, and Spiritual Passion. The last section is a Consultation in which opportunities for fellowship, study and service that match the individual’s spiritual profile are discussed. The Spiritual Gift Discovery Process is part of our membership Inquiry process and is open to members and visitors alike. Please contact Ellie Peiffer to enroll in the next class offering.